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IBC Heating Jacket for 1000L IBC

IBC Heating Jacket for 1000L IBC

10000 INR/Unit

Product Details:


IBC Heating Jacket for 1000L IBC Price And Quantity

  • 1 Unit
  • 10000 INR/Unit

IBC Heating Jacket for 1000L IBC Trade Information

  • 10 Unit Per Month
  • 7 Days

Product Description

IBC Heating Jacket for 1000L IBC- Wrap around type with optional top insulated lid.

IBC heating jacket heats up the products inside IBC, reducing the viscosity of products or melting solids so they can be poured. Use of Self-regulating type heating element for heat-up ensures the longer life , trouble free operation and eliminates the possibility of hot spots ,even if the jacket is in loose contact with the IBC.

The jacket is fitted with a thermostat for temperature control. Insulated top cover is provided to prevent heat loss and faster heat-up.


  • Wattage : 2000W 
  • Operating voltage: 230V AC, 50HZ (110V volt option also available) 
  • MOC: Silicon coated fiberglass mat
  •  Heating: Self- regulating type heating cable 
  • Control: Analog adjustable
  • Thermostat Fastening: belts with plastic buckles 
  • Approximate dimensions: 4405x1010x20mm(thk) with insulation. 
  • Power cord: 5m 
  • Heating cable approval: ATEX/IEC Exd. /CCOE
In IBC heating jacket, the products inside are heated to have their viscosity reduced, or solids are melted for easy pouring. Heating element with self-regulating characteristics prevents hot spots, ensures a long life, and makes it easier to operate, even if the jacket is in loose contact with the IBC. The temperature is controlled by the thermostat fitted with jacket. Insulated top cover helps in preventing heat loss and making the heat-up process faster. 


  • Suitable for hazardous as well as safe areas
  • The washable and safe to use MOC has high mechanical strength, smooth surface and find use in food processing as well as pharma applications.
  • The energy efficient self-regulating heating cable is burnout proof.

Over the side immersion heater for IBC

The over-the-side immersion heaters are immersed directly in open IBC containers for quicker heating up. In addition to being safe for IBC construction, the heaters can be used with all types and sizes of IBCs. Sludge legs of 4 inches are provided to keep heated section off the bottom of the tank.


 Q: What is an IBC heating jacket?

A: An IBC heating jacket is a specialized heating device designed to regulate and maintain the temperature of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). It is an insulated jacket that wraps around the IBC to provide consistent and controlled heating, preventing contents from freezing or maintaining a specific temperature.

Q: How does an IBC heating jacket work?

A: IBC heating jackets typically utilize heating elements embedded within the jacket's fabric or insulation. These heating elements are powered by electricity and generate heat, which is evenly distributed throughout the jacket. The jacket wraps snugly around the IBC, providing direct heat transfer to the container and its contents.

Q: What are the benefits of using an IBC heating jacket?

A: The use of an IBC heating jacket offers several advantages. It helps prevent the freezing of liquids stored in the IBC, ensuring that the contents remain in their desired state. The controlled heating provided by the jacket is particularly beneficial for temperature-sensitive products. Additionally, the heating jacket promotes consistent temperature distribution throughout the IBC, maintaining the integrity of the contents.

Q: What are the applications of IBC heating jackets?

A: IBC heating jackets find applications in various industries and sectors. They are commonly used in storage and transportation of chemicals, food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, and other industries where precise temperature control is necessary. IBC heating jackets are particularly useful in cold environments or during winter months when maintaining the desired temperature of the stored liquids becomes challenging.

Q: Are IBC heating jackets safe to use?

A: IBC heating jackets are designed with safety in mind. They are equipped with various safety features such as thermal sensors, temperature limiters, and insulation to prevent overheating and ensure safe operation. However, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions, guidelines, and safety precautions while using the heating jacket to ensure safe and effective usage.

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